Early morning lesson at Walktothepark Junior College this morning, as I walked past this peaceful place in Prescott. Had to retrace the two and a half miles I walked to the hotel, the miles I described yesterday as “industrial”. It was really just a factory among a bunch of fields that were really pretty this morning, quite unlike yesterday. But the fields hadn’t changed and the factory was exactly the same. What was different was my own frame of mind. Yesterday, I was hot, I was hungry, wasn’t looking forward to the hotel, had just walked 18 miles, not at my best. But this morning I was fresher, had a so so rest and some food, not the greatest, but food. I was happy to be moving on, and that two mile stretch was really nice. Had missed a couple of driveways, hadn’t even noticed the cemetery. So I must practice what I preach, not pay too much attention to myself during the last hour of my walks, but more importantly, remember to look at my own state of mind before making a determination or judgement. Of course this applies far beyond a walk to the park.


Cool think happened about an hour into the day. A gentleman slowed down, I figured he was going to offer me a ride. Instead, he handed me a copy of Our Daily Bread. My mom used to read a similar little book called Daily Word, subscriptions of which she gave many of her friends for Christmas. This gentleman told me it was his ministry, in honor if his deceased mother, and for him, and his mom, I will keep with me, and read. Quite appropriate that it is for September, October and November, 2019.

Months I will no doubt never forget. Still having to remind myself as I walk along soaking it all in that I am now in Arkansas, about 430 miles from Austin, with all I need or want resting mostly comfortably on my back. Depending on where you are in the country, you might say “who might have imagined” or something similar. Down here we say Whodathunk?

Great third day in Arkansas. Got a lucky break in the form of about an 8 mile ride from my friend Drew. Prescott to Arkadelphia is 32 miles. It’s 100 degrees. Drew had a meeting about 20 minutes away, in Malvern, to where I will walk tomorrow. So he kindly came down to deliver me here. I think he was a little surprised to see me the way I look! The last time I saw Drew was in Chicago at the Radiological Society of North America Meeting, commonly known in the biz as RSNA, and yes, I was in a suit and tie. It was my 23rd RSNA, which messed up a lot of Thanksgiving weekends, as it always starts the Sunday after, but most of us had to be there on Saturday. Had some great times up there, but hope not to have to go back. And though I enjoyed it at the time, hope to not have to traipse around Arkansas hospitals with Drew, nothing personal, that includes any and everyone!

Yesterday’s little food and lodging slump does have an upside, and I am living it now… it’s a freeway-side Hampton Inn, but it feels like the Waldorf… it’s impeccably clean and quiet, and several degrees safer than last night. Nice guy did and folded my laundry, took me to dinner at Fat Boys for the best BLT I’ve ever had, and is now helping me write this story :-) I’m beginning to understand a little bit about having the right environment when trying to sit down an write something, and can see why real authors and writers seek little cabins in the woods, or desolate beach cottages to do their work. I still have a perfect picture of my uncle Peter’s so called office one summer. Peter, my Tio Pedro, is a writer. I’ll circle back around to Peter, but back in the early 80’s, I spent a few weeks with him, my aunt Claudia and cousins on Martha’s Vineyard. At about 11 after breakfast, he would run us all out of the house, and settle into the office, which consisted of his word processor (whatever that meant) and an absolutely gorgeous view of Vineyard Sound. I’m getting it. Granted, I can’t see the Sound, but all things being relative, this is so superior to yesterday that it feels like… the Waldorf. Like my brother Rob said… Worse makes good look better.

My dinner.. you have no idea how much I enjoyed! That’s a fried blueberry pie on the right, ice cream of course. Not recommending every day, unless you’ve gone out for a long walk,,,